You may have been hypnotized without realizing it?

Many of us are running our lives on automatic pilot with beliefs and habits that are run by our subconscious mind.

If whenever we try to make a change in our life, we end up procrastinating or falling short of our plans it is often because we have internal messages that interfere with our conscious wishes.

Even when we are determined to do things differently, circumstances interfere with our plans, or we keep making the same mistakes. This can be true about our work, money situation or relationships.

The messages we have may say “I cant do that”, “I am not good enough “ or “I don’t deserve to be that happy”. If these are held in our subconscious mind, no amount of willpower will overcome them.

Have we been hypnotized to believe these messages?

Well, not directly or on purpose but chances are that we have taken them on board without realizing it.

How is that possible?

We seem to know everything that is going on in our lives, and we do our best make sure no one can make us do anything we don’t want to do. So how did these influences find their way into our subconscious?

The answer lies in our emotions.

Whenever we experience a strong emotion our logical control is bypassed.

We often say and do things we later regret.

We are in a state of automatic response to events that are happening.

Words and actions are spontaneous and not checked for appropriateness.

We are expressing ourselves from our automatic subconscious mind.

How does this happen?

Well when we are in a calm and rational state there is a filter in the mind which checks thoughts and action for their consequences and appropriateness.

In times of high emotion this filter is bypassed and we act upon our reflexes.

When we consume alcohol we also bypass the filter.

How many of us have had a great time being uninhibited through alcohol at a party and been sorry the next day for our actions.

So how is this related to our internal messages and beliefs?

Well the same mechanism that filters our outgoing messages also filters our incoming. When we have no filter working, the messages we get are often taken on board subconsciously without being assessed and accepted as truth.

We are most vulnerable to this during times of high emotion.

Being in love gives us ‘rose coloured glasses’ about the object of our affections, at least until a period of time goes by and we seem them as they really are.

If you think about the times in your life that hold the strongest memories, you will probably find that they are also times with strong feelings attached. These times are embedded in our memory and have a big influence on our attitudes and actions.

It is interesting that these times can have bad (negative) feelings attached as well as good (positive) feelings.

So if we have an experience that has a high emotional impact, the filter is bypassed and information passes directly into the subconscious mind and the messages become hypnotic suggestions that are accepted as truth.

How many times do we criticize ourselves for making a mistake?

If we create an emotion around it then what we say or think becomes a hypnotic suggestion. You are hypnotizing yourself!.

This would be balanced by the good things that we say in times of positive experiences but there is another player in the game.

Those of our ancestors who survived did so because they realized that one fatal mistake would overcome many positive activities. As a result those who had the natural ability to see danger were able to live longer. This evolutionary advantage still exists today.

Studies have shown that when we are faced with a task in which the outcome is unknown we are seven times more likely to view the problems involved and attempt to avoid them than to anticipate positive outcomes.

We can conclude from this that negative experiences have a greater impact than positive ones.

In times of high emotion we are more likely to notice negative aspects than positive.

We are more likely to give ourselves negative suggestions than positive.

This means we have a lot of catching up to do in positive thoughts if we are to create a balanced view.

How can we overcome the past negative suggestions we have given ourselves – how can we dehypnotize ourselves?

Well fortunately we can use the same emotion-thought-suggestion connection to create positive expectations (and positive feelings about things).

The way we can do this is through attaching a positive emotion to a thought of a positive outcome.

The more we do this without assessing the truth of the affirmation the more we bypass the filter and accept it as a truth. The contents of the affirmation are then taken up by the subconscious mind.

In fact emotions are not the only way to bypass the filter.

Meditation techniques, as well as imagination and fantasy (daydreaming) also create the same state.

Daydreaming of how we would like to feel while imagining that we already do feel that way will create a subconscious belief of wellbeing and optimism.

We have hynotized ourselves!