We can see that the Critical Voice is attempting to avoid uncomfortable circumstances but it works in a “moving away from” approach that focuses on what is not wanted, and can only result, at best, in a loss of negative emotions.

To overcome this limitation requires a new way of thinking for many people.

It requires the choice of the “Moving Towards” approach to create a whole new opportunity for what is wanted in terms of positive feelings of wellbeing.

The process of moving towards what we want involves a movement beyond the -10 to 0 scale of wellness

In the Moving Towards strategy, we move positively on the -10 to 0 scale but we do not stop at 0; we continue on to +10.

This requires an Inner Voice that is based on POSITIVE EXPANDING EMOTIONS

The POSITIVE EXPANDING EMOTIONS connected to the ‘Moving Towards’ approach are:












They are associated with Creativity, they lead to Growth, and they result in a Selfless approach to life.

The EXPANDING EMOTIONS not only create better feelings.

Identifying what is wanted rather than eliminating what is not wanted is an empowering experience.

Including Expanding Emotions makes it even more powerful.

For example, gratitude for what positive experiences we have had in the past can be coupled with expectations of what is wanted in the future.

The emotions of love, joy and peace, coupled with moving towards our goals not only conditions us to confidently expect and trust the outcome, but also releases mood elevating substances in the brain which encourage the habit.

This gives hope for emotional wellness beyond the 0 lack of discomfort towards the ultimate +10 of happiness.

It is also a process that creates possibilities for internal power over circumstances in life.

There is then a change in the Critical Voice to the Voice of Inspiration.

This process is Transformational.