The Critical Voice is common amongst those with a “Moving Away From’ what is not wanted approach.

It is the inner critical self-talk that identifies unwanted events in life as personal failures to be recognized and avoided in future. It is thoughts through which a person judges themself according to what they don’t do well, and what they need to remove from their behaviour.

Paradoxically the Critical Voice says that is the just way a person is, and that life circumstances are determined by the outside world and not by what the person can do.

This often leads to a feeling that bad things happen to them because that is how their life is, and that they cannot change this through their own efforts.

Listening to your Critical Voice makes you feel that the power in your life lies outside yourself and that you are powerless to create what you want. The best you can do is to avoid painful circumstances.

The quality of your life is then determined by how many bad things happen to you and how many bad experiences you can avoid.

In these circumstances you may believe that your life is controlled by things outside yourself, and you may look for external things to create change.

The Critical Voice within therefore attempts to identify how many unwanted things occur in a persons life and attempts to make things better by “Moving Away From” these.

The messages of the Critical Voice above are the thoughts of the majority of people who identify their wants in the language of what they want less of in life.

Eg When asked what they want in life, they often respond with “I don’t want to be unhappy”, “I don’t want to be fat”,” I don’t want to smoke cigarettes”.

Emotions of the Critical Voice

The emotions involved in the “Moving Away From“ approach typical of the Critical Voice are the NEGATIVE RESTRICTING EMOTIONS















They are associated with survival, lead to a stagnancy in a persons life, and may result in a self-focused, judgmental approach. 

Emotional Wellness

The Emotional Wellness of a person is traditionally assessed by the amount of RESTRICTING NEGATIVE EMOTIONS they are experiencing at the time.

If the impact of these emotions is given a score from 0 to -10 , the most debilitating score would be -10.

If a “Moving Away From’ approach is taken to relieving emotional pain to create wellness, the best that can be achieved is a 0 score of no-discomfort.

As the Critical Voice is an attempt to move away from painful experiences by identifying their unwanted negative emotions so they can be avoided in the future,

it does not allow for any positive outcomes.

The best outcome from this focus is the possibility of a 0 rated emotional state.

Wellness in this approach is the absence of the negative emotions. Unfortunately this is a lack of emotion, not an experience of positive feelings.

What you need is a way of creating an internal voice that creates the happiness you want in life. LINK