How Full Is Your Bucket?

Whenever it rains you can see puddles forming and water running down gutters and into creeks and rivers.

Low spots and holes in the ground begin to fill and puddles are left behind after the storm passes.

Sometimes storms are heavy and in the most severe, hailstones of various sizes are rained down.

When the sun comes out again, the puddles soon dry up and even hailstones melt.

Grass and plants begin to grow and the land benefits from its supply of water.

If you left an empty bucket out in a storm it could fill quite quickly.cup overflowing

Leaving it out in the sun however lets the water evaporate until the bucket empties again.

This is part of the natural cycle that provides water to let the plants and trees grow.

Too much rain and the ground is saturated and trees can fall .

Not enough rain and the ground dries up and becomes infertile where nothing can grow.

Each of us has an emotional bucket which is filled by the challenges of life. When the bucket is full, even a slight challenge can make it overflow into anxiety, depression and damaging emotions.

If we have enough sunshine in our life, the emotional bucket is emptied naturally. Emotional health needs some emotional rain to create growth in our life.

A balance of rain and sunshine allows the bucket hold enough challenge for growth without overflowing.

The bucket can be filled by others in our life as well as by our own experiences.

Sometimes we fill the bucket ourselves by our beliefs and lifestyle choices.

There are times in our life when storms are so intense and frequent that the balance cannot be naturally maintained, and we need to empty the bucket manually.

When life provides too much rain and not enough sunshine, we need to have strategies we can use daily to stop the bucket from overflowing.

Any artificial means we use to try and empty the bucket like drugs, alcohol or even food, only temporarily stops us being aware that the bucket is full. When those substances wear off, we feel the fullness of our bucket again.

The challenge is to maintain a balance in our emotional buckets so that there is stimulation for growth without overflowing into emotional pain.

For some people their bucket has been full or near full all there lives so that even a small challenge can cause it to overflow

This is where healing is needed.

Emptying the bucket daily is a way of maintaining balance in difficult times.

A balanced lifestyle is another.

The level in the bucket can be controlled by exercise, meditation, diet and positive feelings like gratitude.

We need to remember however that the bucket can never be completely empty or there will be no growth.

If we are aware of this we can weather the storms of life.